Past Activities

“Never say Never – Can positive disruption defeat our short-term thinking?” A panel conversation with Hakan Altinay at the Salzburg Global Seminar, 21 March, gala reception in Vienna, Austria  >


WHATCHADO, EU? - Unlocking the EU blackbox - project entry for the 2013 Knight Foundation's global newschallenge with  >

Project Leader of the Network of European Foundations’ 2012 tenth anniversary initiative. It peaked in an Unconventional EU Summit. 50 hand-picked delegates from the realms of “governance Europe” and “innovation Europe” convened. Learn more about the NEF, the project arm of a dozen leading public interest foundations in Europe and the U.S.  >

Press and Media Affairs, International Civilian Office, Pristina, Kosovo (06-09) and its EU-transatlantic preparatory team. Watch a film on our interactive roadshow on the EU in Kosovo. Read a Lessons Learned report on supervised independence >

TINA Vienna: unveiling 20 urban success stories behind the scenes of one of the world’s most attractive cities. See the Vienna Solutions >

Associate Editor with Foreign Policy, Washington D.C. – the magazine for global politics, economics, and ideas. Developing ideas, debunking conventional wisdoms.

Magazine Journalism. In my formative years, I took to learn international journalism and had longer stints with Foreign Policy, Washington D.C. and with profil, Vienna. See more under “Public Affairs.”